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"Any Water, Any Where"

Did you know?

SeaPack Emergency Desalination System is used by the US Coast Guard 

SeaPack - world's first osmotic seawater desalination kit

"Perfect for use on your offshore boat, sea kayak or for use in your life raft"

Fleetwater Marine is a leading provider of next-generation forward osmosis water filtration technology based on a proprietary membrane that converts almost any polluted water into safe, potable drink.

OUR SeaPack...

SeaPack: the world's first osmotic seawater desalination kit

SeaPack is the world's first osmotic seawater desalination kit.  Intended for emergency use, the SeaPack produces a life-saving drink directly from seawater.  Perfect for use on your off shore boat, sea kayak or for use in your life raft.  The filtered drink is very similar to the juice from pressed grapes and provides 480 calories from each half liter - an important energy source during emergencies.  The tight osmotic membrane rejects a full 97% of the salt.

Because the SeaPack is passive, there is no pumping involved.  This is obviously an advantage if the user has been injured or exhausted and would have difficulty operating a pump-style system.


SeaPack benefits...

  • Produces 0.5 liters of drink in 5 hours at 68 F
  • No pumping
  • High salt rejection 97%

SeaPack specifications...

  • Volume: 1.8 liters
  • Filter life: 10 days
  • Filter output:
    0.5 liters in 5 hours
  • User effort:
    seconds to fill, no work required for filtering


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SeaPack purchase...

SeaPack Emergency Desalination System - (includes SeaPack Desalination Filter, Five syrup charges that produce 2.5 liters of survival drink & waterproof dry bag to protect your purchase) 74.95 or (88.07 Inc VAT)

Don't forget to order extra syrup charges to keep your SeaPack running.

SeaPack Emergency Desalination Syrup Charges - (Five syrup charges per pack, produces an additional 2.5 liters of survival drink) 24.95 (29.32 Inc VAT)

SeaPack sea water desalinator

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